June 3, 2009

Meanwhile, Back in Gotham City

You know, only Grant Morrison could get away with not only one, but two - count 'em, two - possible deaths of Batman, and write a book where Dick Grayson takes on the mantle of Batman.

Given the relative mess that was Battle for the Cowl (pretty much an Ok, we-have-to-transition-to-the-new-guy series), it's surprising that Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are able to pull off the transition to a former Robin becoming Batman...and Batman's son becoming Robin.

But Batman & Robin # 1 is not a flat-out valentine like All-Star Superman was - it's a very enjoyable comic that helps really lay down an interesting chapter in the "Batman saga".

What helps is that, in some areas, Morrison is relatively restrained in his story-telling, only choosing select moments to weird out the reader. Although this isn't the first time Dick Grayson takes on the mantle of the bat, it is the first time we see him...enjoying it. (He openly states that he wishes he had a flying Batmobile "when (he) was Robin".

And Damian...there's something that's nicely arrogant about having Batman's ten-year-old son declare that he could be Batman.

Morrison writes a story that is very much a great launching pad for new readers (as well as those who didn't follow Batman: RIP. And Quitely's art...there's a one page splash with Batman & Robin falling from the sky that just rocks.

Many people will either snark at Morrison's writing, and/or the blatant attempt to "redefine" a character. Although many are acting as if Bruce Wayne will be back soon, for me, at least...I rather hope it takes awhile.

Because, in all honesty, I'm quite liking Dick Grayson in the role.

Well worth reading.

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Siskoid said...

Flipped through it quickly and the art is beautiful. Too bad Morrison couldn't be better paired on his previous Batman run.