July 9, 2009

'Tis a Shakespearean Type of News Review

Since there's quite a bit going on, and much of it doesn't warrant a full page of my blathering...a nice, bullet pointed encapsulation of various and sundry.

  • In all honesty, in concept, I love DC's Wednesday Comics - a way to reach newer, non-comic reading audiences (as well as reengaging its current readership). I wish it had been a little less super-heroey, but I quite enjoyed it. (Personal faves - Kubert on Sgt. Rock, Lopez on Metal Men, and Baker on Hawkman).
  • Marvel's response....foil covers. You know, I kind of think of Marvel as like the kind of guy who was really popular in high school, but who now sells insurance, but throws out some bit of modern slang to make himself seem hip...or the person who keeps repeating the same joke until the humor is drained out of it.
  • Current comic enjoyment du jour - North 40 # 1 - it's a horror book that really builds on an interesting premise. Loved the writing, liked the art - it was almost a pitch-perfect # 1 issue. Thanks, clerk at downtown branch of comics store!
  • I heart Roger Ebert, especially right now.
  • Recently had to unfollow a Doctor Who related tweeter for spoiling Torchwood: Children of Earth. Upon receiving criticism (not from me), the defense was that because the episode aired in the UK, people needed to "stay off Twitter". Just a thought - if the hosts of several Who-related podcasts....as well as the guy who wrote the episode....were willing to play fair (especially on both sides of the pond), telling people to "stay off Twitter" sounds a little disrespectful. Not name calling or judging, just making a point to consider. And yes, I did unfollow this particular Tweeter, why do you ask?
  • Dear Radio Free Skaro - I hereby, on the basis of the above bullet point, now claim the title "Pedantor", and appreciate your daily review of classic Who.
  • In other news, in a conversation with two coworkers about the new Sascha Baron Cohen movie, I made the following statement: "I liked Borat when he was Groucho Marx, making movies in the '30s". I say this because I'd like to put together a group to see this piece of vintage Marxist humor....and would like to see the theatrical version of this movie at the Goodman.
That's it for now....and now, back to the blog!

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