November 25, 2009

5 Things To Know About BRIAN BLESSED

Like fellow comics blogger Rich, I strongly admire and revere the myth, the legend the force of nature known as BRIAN BLESSED.

But, you're thinking, why should I elevate BRIAN BLESSED to the pantheon of pop culture icons?

(And by the way, as a rule, you must always speak of BRIAN BLESSED in all capital letters and boldface font wherever possible. He is that impressive)

Taking my cue from another, better blog, here are five things you need to know about BRIAN BLESSED:

  1. His professional career is wide-ranging: examine his entry in IMDB. Any actor who can work in Shakespeare, Doctor Who and Blake's 7 deserves the accolades. But quite frankly, let's focus on why we worship him so:
  2. BRIAN BLESSED pretty much stole the Flash Gordon movie single-handedly: Having recently re-watched the moviey, I began to realize...I had only heard of one other name in the cast. And I had forgotten completely that Timothy Dalton was in this movie. Brian Blessed simply dominates the movie with two key scenes.
  3. If Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, & Edgar Wright really loved us, they would cast BRIAN BLESSED in their next movie: OK, they've had Timothy Dalton, and Edward Woodward - BRIAN BLESSED just oozes British pop culture. He's big, bold, and friends with Patrick Stewart (meaning - he eats punks like William Shatner for breakfast) And he's no pushover, either, in fact:
  4. BRIAN BLESSED takes guff from no one, and is full of flannel - just watch these YouTube clips from a documentary about I, Claudius. Then, go Netflix or purchase I, Claudius
  5. BRIAN BLESSED is to acting what Queen was to rock music: Yes, I did type that out loud. For him there is no over the top...because there is no top for BRIAN BLESSED. Or Queen. Just watch this previously linked-to sequence and tell me you disagree.
But don't take my word for it - this Thanksgiving holiday, give yourself the gift of BRIAN BLESSED. There's nothing that even comes close to the power of this great man, except perhaps this:


(Image taken from Mr. Sterling's blog without his permission. If you want it pulled from my blog, Mike, just say the word).

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