December 20, 2009

A Pre-Xmas Gift to You

In all honesty, I'm very appreciative of anyone who comes to this blog - especially this year, when it has felt like I've been offline more than online. I wanted to do something for my readership (both long-standing and relatively recent readers), and had a brainstorm:

With my friends far and wide, given the fact that I receive more e-cards than conventional cards, I began using my Flickr feed with Big Huge Labs to create personalized calendars...this year, I decided to double my efforts in bringing you a pre-Christmas/Bogie Day/Serling Day effort.

So, via Scribd, here's your very own printable 2010 calendar - feel free to use it however you see fit. Some of the images (being older) may look a little iffy, but please take this in the spirit in which it's presented.

Plus, it's free! What more can you ask?

Official Blog THIS, Pal 2010 Calendar                                                                                                                                                


2ND.FADE said...

heh... March is cool

Not the last floppy fringe we'll see in the Tardis this year....

Roger Owen Green said...

Printed mine at work today on the color copier - hey, I hung it at work since the budget cuts have precluded us from buying calendars. So very handy. thanks.