December 17, 2009

Snapshots of the Past

It all started simply enough - because of my being what the teenagers call a "social media guru", some fellow high school alumni suggested that I start a Facebook page for our upcoming reunion.

This, in turn, led me to go through my old boxes of photos - several of which were ruined by water damage due to flooding in St. Louis. (It's my own darn fault - never got around to switching them to plastic bins). But fortunately, amidst the damage, I found several key things...mainly, negatives.

Admittedly, photo technology was primitive, and I had a passing interest in photography. (In fact, many of the shots I took of classmates were of the you-shoulda-asked-first variety. But like many buddying photographers, I took pictures of my cats (Steed - a "counterfeit calico" - can be seen as a kitten in this post. He died about four years ago due to a mass on his liver). Despite the scratches, the spottiness, and the blurriness, there's something about these photos that makes me...well, not quite nostalgic, but amazed that I made it. Wondering if I ever really grew up...or if I grew up in the wrong way.

But the treasure trove - the one set of pictures that I'm glad I found - was (surprise, surprise) of a Doctor Who convention in (I believe) 1983 - 1984. (One picture shows Peter Davison: the other I'm presuming Nicholas Courtney). The quality is iffy (the negatives had some damage), and I may have duplicated shots (Flickr is misbehaving tonight). Please feel free to take a glance, please feel free to fill me in on the details, and enjoy!

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