January 23, 2010

Cool Comic Things I'll Be Doing Next Week

Right now, fighting off a bad bug - spent most of yesterday working remote from home, and today is going to be spent, well, doing what I usually do on Saturday - sitting around in my jim-jams watching videos and looking very much like Gary Busey.

However, I'm looking forward to two really cool comic-related events in the coming weeks...and I hope that you can check them out.

First, I've been part of the Chicago Nerds Social Club - a gathering of people who, unlike some denizens of the net, are willing and able to let their nerd flag wave high. On Thursday, January 28th, there will be a Comics 201 session at Third Coast Comics, located at 6234 N Broadway, just a short trek from the Granville Red Line station. It will focus on educating current fans and newbies on all sorts of nuances in comics, providing history in a fun, humorous, and enjoyable way.

(Full disclosure - since this event was planned, I have become a member of the Chicago Nerds Comic Book Subcommittee. We're planning some cool stuff in the coming months...so please feel free to watch this space. Add the RSS feed to your feedreader. I could use the traffic :)).

Then, on February 5th, the CW will show the "Absolute Justice" episode on Smallville. For those of you who aren't aware, here's a clip courtesy of Screen Rant:

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