February 12, 2010

Captain America - Teabagged

Ok, so let me see if I get this straight - a conservative blogger is offended, whines about Marvel not being fair, and Joe Quesada, despite calls for common sense, has the art redone on Captain America # 602.

Ok, I won't cry censorship, but in the interests of fairness, I will ask this:

For anyone who is a Republican, conservative, and/or is a tea party, in light of your own concerns about being "misrepresented", please explain the behavior of your colleagues:

Please forgive me (and before you accuse me of being politically correct, please know what you're talking about), but it's a little hard for you to take the high ground when your colleagues are making very racially-charged comments in relation to our President.

Quite simply, teabaggers, please grow some thicker skin. This isn't your country anymore. It's everyone's country.

Cap would want it that way.

P.S. Before you cry "First Amendment", please know what it says first. You'll save yourself some embarrassment later. It's not about keeping the President above criticism; it's about making sure you're taking the high road. And right now, you're not. Seriously.

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