April 4, 2010

Cast THIS, Pal! Easter Edition

 No, I didn't forget to podcast in March - to more than make up for it, here's an extra long special edition of the podcast. Your options for listening are
  • Player on the sidebar of this blog (which might make things easier)
  • Download and play directly from the podcast site (which contains some really cool show notes, if I do say so myself), or
  • Try to find us via iTunes (I know libsyn syndicates via iTunes, but I can never find it. Can someone help me out so I know how to format it for next time?)
As always, below please find some opportunities to support the blog by purchasing any of the fine songs and videos featured in the podcast. (Yes, I am an Amazon associate, but more importantly, I am also focused on supporting artists and their work)

And not to be outdone, here are some Easter Eggs for your review

1 comment:

Roger Owen Green said...

Finally listened to the podcast. Reasonably decent flow.

I can't help but think that the anti-Obama stuff is so seeped in race we can't even begin to address it as a country. Painful.