June 8, 2010

Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies

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I have to admit that, quite frankly, I'm stuck on topics for the June podcast...so in true desperation, I'm turning to you, the humble blog reader, to ask me stuff.

That's right - I'll be recording a brand new podcast on or around June 26th, so I'm inviting anyone and everyone to submit a question for answering on the podcast. No question is too personal - or too silly - to ask. I have no prizes to offer other than the chance to hear me say your name on the Interwebs.

(Or, if you're in Chicago, the chance for me to purchase you the beverage of your choice).

So, I'm asking that you submit a question to me by Wednesday, June 23rd - how can you submit, you may ask?

Questions can be submitted by:
  • Good, old fashioned e-mail
  • An update via Twitter at gordondym with the hashtag #castthispal
  • Messaging Me Via Facebook
  • A comment on a blog post (with a mention that you're asking me a question for the podcast)
  • A brief sound clip e-mailed to my gmail account (I have the space for it); or
  • A post on your own blog with a clear link back to this post (and please e-mail me the URL)

Yes, I know there's formspring, but quite frankly, I'm just looking to drive some traffic...as well as challenge myself to create a very user-driven, interactive podcast towards the end of the month.

So put on your thinking caps, send me a note, and who knows? I might get your summer off to a great start!


Roger Owen Green said...

OK, a question for the podcast:

You'll be shocked to learn that it's about music - What songs that became big hits by cover artists do you nevertheless prefer the versions by the original artists?
(One example- my preference for Gladys Knight & the Pips' version of I Heard It Through the Grapevine over Marvin Gaye's).

Roger Owen Green said...

Just what are you looking for in a relationship, and why has a guy who's smart, compassionate and employed not been snatched up?