September 2, 2010

Making Chicago COUNT

So you're a non-profit that wants to improve your tech capacity? Or you're in the tech biz - IT, social media, coder - and you want to get involved in the non-profit sphere in Chicago.

If you're interested, have I got an event for you.

On Sunday September 12th, the first ever Chicago COUNTS conference will be held at the Illinois Institute of Technology from 9 am to 5 pm. Trust me, folks, this is the first conference of its kind in the Chicago area, and it is a big deal. Just look at the keynote speakers we have lined up - it's a veritable non-profit Justice League:

  • Geoff Livingston, who consults with non-profits on how to get their message across;
  • Nate St. Pierre, who works to mobilize others on the common good;
  • Chris Jarvis, who helps businesses and non-profits set up employee volunteer programs, and 
  • Estrella Rosenberg, who's done a lot to set up and maintain non-profits.
( In the interests of full disclosure, I'm not only helping organize, but I'll also be presenting. Yes, friends, you have the chance to see me in my full-on sexy community organizing mode.)

It's a very small admission ($25 until 9/5, and then $30 if you prepay after that), but be sure to buy a ticket. Sure, you could just join the Facebook page, but why settle? Why not engage in a great chance to learn more about how you can use these cool online tools towards the social good? You or someone you know wants to be part of this event. It's more than just a conference - it's the beginning of a movement.

Go ahead. Buy a ticket. Attend the conference.

Like Robert Conrad, I dare you, but with tongue firmly in cheek.

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Heidi Massey said...

AWESOME post! Well said, my friend! Well said! Thank you :)