January 11, 2011

Good News For the New Year

Lord Bravery
Originally uploaded by Gordon D
First, going to be starting a new freelance gig on Monday. It's a good first step towards my going back to the non-profit world, and although I'm surprised that it only took me three months to get back into the working world...I'm not complaining, especially in this climate.

Secondly, I'm going to be writing more social media/non-profit stuff in my new blog, Metroshrink. This way, I can concentrate on building up this blog as more comics/pop culture/Chicago highlight stuff. There may be some crossover, but I would like to separate my "professional" blog from my personal one.

Finally, I'm hoping to have a new podcast recorded and posted by this weekend.

You know, this makes up for a really crummy holiday. I can only imagine what my birthday in March will be like....

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