February 15, 2011

Digital Brushes with Greatness

Douglas Adams 
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Last night, I could barely sleep, so in a semi-conscious haze, I decided to go through my old data CDs and transfer appropriate files to my portable hard drive.

(Yes, the above is only said to secure my geek cred)

Anyway, I had forgotten that I had a folder entitled "Celebrity e-mails" on a disc...and came across this from my misspent youth on the Prodigy Online Service.

I'm posting this response (I was unable to find the note which spawned it) because, quite frankly, it's a reminder that once upon a time...I was cool.

And like that time, I still know cool people.

PRODIGY(R) Service Personal Message 09/08/94

From: Douglas Adams
Subject: Re: ?A Brief Note from a Fan
Date: 09/08/94 05:59 AM

Thanks for your note. Glad you enjoyed the books, but... what's the Kama
of Liverpool?


Douglas Adams

For future reference please note that my preferred email address is:

(I intentionally left this - and other - references to Mr. Adams oblique, since he is no longer amongst us)

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From xxxxx7@compuserve.com Thu Sep 08 05:59:50 1994 [PIM 3.2-243.68]
Received: from xxxxx.compuserve.com by inetgate.prodigy.com with SMTP
id AA29528
(xxxxxxx for ); Thu, 8 Sep 1994 04:29:55
Received: from localhost by dub-img-1.compuserve.com (xxxxx)
id EAA04276; Thu, 8 Sep 1994 04:35:08 -0400
Date: 08 Sep 94 04:30:23 EDT
From: Douglas Adams xxxxxxx@compuserve.com>
To: "INTERNET:HMPU35B@prodigy.com"
Subject: Re: ?A Brief Note from a Fan
Message-Id: <xxxxxxxxx@CompuServe.COM>

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