March 21, 2011

C2E2 Photos - Day Three: The Aftermath

Well, another C2E2 has come and gone - unfortunately, I didn't get to do everything I wanted to, but quite frankly...I'm not complaining.

Got to hang with the Comic Related' crew - Chuck Moore in his distinctive headgear; Cary from Red Handed Studios (whose Fallen Justice is going to be featured on the blog in the next week), Rob from Clay's Way, the unredoubtable Chuck Kennedy, and of course, the eternally awesome hosts of the Nerd Girls Eye View podcast. (Trust me - I have plenty of comics to read and my follow up posts will be popping up in the next week).

03/30/11 NOTE - Here's the main follow up about working the Comic Related booth - with bonus video!

All in all, a really spectacular show - the new space helped a lot. I think that...well, I do think some of the guests did lean a little more towards the media side (Rick Bayless? Really?). It's understandable - after all, comics are to contemporary popular culture what classic literature was to the pop culture of the 1930s and 1940s. You really need a good mix of media and comics...but C2E2 should be about the comics first and foremost. Are you listening, Gareb Shamus? (OK, you can make a tenuous connection between wrestlers and comics...but Rod Blagojevich? Taylor Dane? Really?).

But all in all, one of the many reasons I'm glad I moved back to Chicago - it's a great opportunity for some hometown pride.

And on a related blog note - I've switched the comments over to Disqus, and will import the Blogger-based comments. In short, it's a nicer system, and until I get the time and inclination to switch to another blogging platform (I actually like the simplicity of blogger), this will be the only major change to the blog for awhile.

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