March 28, 2011

Insert Gratuitous "Elementary" Reference Here

As many of you know, not only do I write for this blog (obviously), but you may know my work as class representative for my high school graduating class, as well as my cutting edge work on Comic Related.

However, I am proud to announce that I am adding another outlet to my ever-growing portfolio. And it's one that I am not only proud of, but am really eager to participate in.

I will be a semi-occurring contributor to the Baker Street Blog, which focuses on Sherlock Holmes in popular culture. Fortunately, I'll be focusing on the intersection of Holmes and entertainment - yes, there will be the occasional foray into comics, but I've started off writing about Holmes in the theater.

Also, this blog is affiliated with the quite excellent I Hear of Sherlock podcast, which also discusses Holmes and popular culture, but with a decidedly academic edge. I won't be involved in the podcast; just wanted to make that available.

It's funny that I'm getting involved with this - much of my recent interest in Holmes has been reawakened both by participating in this Stanford-sponsored reading experiment, as well as watching my father's collection of Jeremy Brett DVDs. Maybe part of it is recapturing my youth, but in short....there is something amazingly revitalizing about discovering that a part of that youth also resonates when one gets older.

Don't worry - I'm not leaving either this blog or Comic Related any time soon. Just expanding my parameters.

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