March 25, 2011

My Comic Related Pals at C2E2

One of the highlights of C2E2 was the chance to hang out with some of my Comic Related pals. Although you're used to me shilling for the TV Party column (because, like many people I know, I'm all about self-promotion), but let me just say - after feeling like a social outcast for the past few months (trust me, my birthday - much like Christmas - was non-existent due to Mom's health issues), it felt good to be part of a warm, wonderful group of people.

My C2E2 experience began, appropriately, with a Wednesday night gathering of friends at pal Terry's comic shop. Essentially, it was a comic-themed murder mystery, where I dressed up like a Batman-esque character and acted obnoxiously. (Or, in other words, "How Gordon Spends His Saturday Nights Nowadays"). But Friday, once I hit C2E2 after work, the non-stop party began.\

Besides, Chuck Moore (he of the dapper headgear) and Chuck Kennedy (without hat), I would like to spend some time promoting the works of some of my fellow Comic Related pals. Pals like Decaptiated Dan Royer, who ran "Dan Con" - a small comics show - some time ago, and who also hosts a podcast on Comic Related. (Unfortunately, I couldn't make it due to, well, you know...I hope my attendance there has helped us bond further.)

But one person I met - whose work I'm really starting to enjoy - is Bob, whose online strip Clay's Way is a sheer delight. Focusing on a boy and his panda, this site also helps educate around raising a child with ADHD, and quite frankly - this is the kind of strip I love. As the non-profit/social good/comic loving guy that I am, this site absolutely warrants your attention....and I suggest forwarding the link. Bob is "good people", as my relatives in Wheaton would say, and his strip is well worth your attention.

Another cool person who is now a pal is Cary - I had originally won several issues of his Fallen Justice miniseries through a Zone 4 podcast trivia contest. (I also won a few issues of other comics by Ron Fortier - and of course, they're also great, because...well, they're written by Ron Fortier. That's all you really need to know). It's a really cool premise (superhero discovers he's dying, and yes folks, there are complications) with some great art, and Cary....well, the more I know him, the more I love him in a fraternal way. Fallen Justice is now being shown twice weekly on the web at Comic Related; be sure to check it out. You'll like it a lot.

And finally, last - but not least - I had the chance to interact a little bit - with the hosts of one of my favorite comic podcasts, the Nerd Girls Eye Review. I like podcasts that are unpretentious, and that focus on a wide variety of areas, and Sapph, Spazzy and Spaced have a genuine enthusiasm that, quite frankly, should put Chris Sims to shame. I've uploaded some video of them recording their podcast on YouTube for your viewing, but let me suggest that you listen to their podcast first. Quite frankly, as a videographer, I'm no Alfred Hitchcock....or even Michael Bay.

But all in all, just one conclusion....many non-comic people I know in town talk a good game about being community, and being warm and loving people. However, I sometimes feel (in one of those up-close-and-personal moments that Roger loves about the blog) that people who often have other commitments - who can't do the non-stop networking and schmoozing - end up lost in the shuffle, and often feel like our efforts to engage are dismissed, and we're left feeling unappreciated. Thankfully, my experience with my Comic Related pals has shown me that....well, sometimes, people truly are better than that.

And that's what makes me proud to be a comics fan.

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