April 25, 2011

I Know Cool People, Part Three

(For those keeping score, here are Parts One and Two in a continuing series)

One of the great things about writing from Comic Related (besides the fact that, well, I'm well on my way to becoming an "Internet pundit" or "pop culture icon"), is that I get to meet many of the people whose work I admire. Case in point - this year, I attended the Windy City Pulp and Paper con to visit my good friend, Ron Fortier, aka "the guy who helped me learn to love the Green Hornet".

(You can read his most excellent write-up - and see a more current photo of the two of us - by heading straight to this link. Trust me, I'll still be here.)

In fact, while I was there, I decided to purchase one of Ron's other series. (Thankfully, I had won some of his comics via participating in a Zone 4 contest, but I always like to support my friends where it matters - via the wallet). And so, loving the cover (at the very least), I picked up The Boston Bombers.

And I'm glad I did, because despite being a reprint of a series from years past, this is a definite change of pace and probably some of the best comics I've read all year.

This is nice, pulpy, and grand - like the best adventures. Sure, it may not be as "radical" or "awesome" as current mainstream comics, but this is a book for the rest of us. Never have I experienced such a palpable sense of joy radiating from both the writing and art. Yes, it is high concept...but trust me, everything is laid out in a way that respects - rather than insults - your intelligence. It's good old-fashioned rollicking fun that really seems to fit in the 21st century.

(And if you're into more pulp fiction, check out one of the many tomes which Ron and pals release via Airship 27, which reminds me...I should probably purchase one of their Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective anthologies for another of my blogging endeavors)

But that's one of the reasons I'm grateful for being involved with Comic Related - I not only get to interact with a ton of really cool people, but I can claim that a writer who helped spark my emerging love of classic pulp fiction - as well as a significant character - is now a friend.

And if that ain't living the dream, I don't know what is.

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