May 19, 2011

My June Plans (So Far)....

As many of you know, I am currently employment challenged. As much as I am dedicating my efforts to finding employment, I am also going to take some time out to engage in some really cool (and slightly comic related) efforts that are happening in Chicago.

Being the huggable, lovable guy that I am, I thought I would share them with you.

First, on Saturday, June 18th, I am planning on donating several of my old comics to help the Chicago Nerd Social Club in their donation drive for the Boys and Girls Club. Thankfully, it will be at one of my favorite comic shops (see the picture for location), and I'll try to do it before the Comic Meetup at 7:00 pm. Yes, you local pals can get to see me perform the same relatively obnoxious behavior in public that I do online.

(Plus, it's for a good cause)

I'm also going to be putting together some trainings for small businesses on social media (and I'll post those here and on Metroshrink when I get the chance), but I'm also going to be presenting a revamped "Argument Clinic" presentation for Learnapalooza on June 25th. It's basically how to advocate for your cause, and yes, it's inspired by the Monty Python sketch.

(Just think - I'm taking a five year old PowerPoint, updating it for the social media set, and looking to re-present it to a new crowd. Isn't "repurposing" wonderful?)

But if you're in Chicago at that time - check 'em both out. At the very least, it's another opportunity for me and my Comic Related pal Decapitated Dan to miss each other.

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