May 8, 2011

Season Six Sundays: Curse of the Black Spot

Full disclosure - never really been much of a pirate guy. Don't see the appeal of Pirates of the Caribbean, and I prefer Adventures of Robin Hood over Captain Blood.

So this week's episode of Doctor Who - a well-needed done-in-45-minutes romp after the intricate plotting of the previous two stories - would seem less than impressive. Although I didn't hate this episode, I really just thought it was pretty much a by-the-numbers affair.

(For those who would know better - wasn't this originally scheduled to be episode 9? If so, it's smart that they moved this up, because it's a much better fit in terms of episode flow. Plus, the references to the Larger Season Arc™ are included, so we don't lose any narrative momentum).

In short, it's a fun episode - after the drama of the first two episodes, we need a break. It's pretty much by-the-numbers Who, and quite frankly, it's pleasurable, but if you missed didn't miss much.

Next week, an episode by a guy named Neil Gaiman. Never heard of him. :)

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Rasmussen said...

Great synopsis.  This episode was definitely a mental breather. [Full disclosure - coming from a guy married on a pirate ship]