May 1, 2011

Season Six Sundays: Day of the Moon

(Minor Spoilers follow)

Only on Doctor Who would Richard Nixon not only be seen in a semi-heroic light, but would be given an appropriate rationale for his legendary paranoia.

One of the great - yet simultaneously frustrating - aspects about Day of the Moon is that for every resolution, there are multiple questions. Yes, I realize that the rest of the season will provide some answers, but there's enough unanswered questions to motivate further watching. It's part of the overall creepiness of this episode - there's a sense of dread that permeates through this episode. Maybe it's the fact that this isn't the typical all-done-in-two-parts story, but there are plenty of nods to series past.

It's also a little....well, I had one little qualm with this episode. It's with the ultimate resolution, which doesn't quite work for me on two levels. (And I'm going to be purposefully vague). First, there's a slight hostility and overall menace in the Doctor's tone towards the silence that...although I like the inversion of the usual aliens-take-over formula, makes the Doctor seem needlessly vindictive. The other is that, well, given our knowledge of "recent" history, the way the situation is resolved seems a little far-fetched....but I'm being a little too picky.

And the last five minutes - game changer. Seriously.

Next week - pirates. I hate pirates, but I'll force myself to watch.

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