August 19, 2011

If It's Friday, It Means One of "Those" Posts....

...but with a slight twist.

Thankfully, I'll be doing some work with a local business development corporation, helping some small business/store fronts get online (whether it's social media, just getting a web site up, or any other small things). Granted, it may not be the most glamorous of positions, but hopefully, it will be a great kickoff for some further freelancing. Yes, I'll still be looking for full time employment, but I'm always willing to share my expertise.

Speaking of which, I'm putting on a small business/social media training on September 1st. If you know of someone who could use this kind of training, and relatively inexpensively, please feel free to send them this link. Yes, there is a cost, but it covers facility and materials. It's part of my way to "build my brand" to use current buzz speak...but this is (relatively) new territory for me. (And if you know a small comic-related business in Chicago who could use it, all the better - more clients = veggies to go with the Ramen noodles!)

Anyway, I've pretty much been engaging in major Doctor Who watching - my most recent post for the Job Stalker focused on work search lessons from Doctor Who, and I'm also putting on another Doctor Who 101 event for the Chicago Nerd Social Club. If you're a reader and want to say "hi", please join us. If Facebook is any indication, it's going to be a big event, but then again, things in the Facebookosphere (is that even a word?) can change in an instant. (I'm also giving a talk tomorrow morning on SEO and job seeking, but unfortunately, the RSVP period is over. I'll definitely summarize it for the Job Stalker on Wednesday)

Finally, as always, there's a brand new episode of Zone 4, where we discuss what's more important - the story or the art in comics, and I rant some more about Wizard World Chicago. Here's a trailer for your viewing pleasure:

And finally, for former coworker & supervisor and current online pal Jeff - I see your Tweet and raise you a YouTube video.

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