September 6, 2011

As Mike Sterling Would Say, "Blogging About Blogging Is A Sin"

As you've probably guessed, I have made several changes to the blog. In fact, one of them is that (gasp) I've actually been blogging much more consistently. Not at the levels of Mike Sterling, my personal favorite comics blogger...but I'm getting there.

Part of it is that, well, part of my job search has involved working on SEO and, well, making sure that when potential employers Google me, they learn more about my current online shenanigans and less about the kind of shenanigans I was into about 20 years ago.

Unflattering, admittedly, but
still funny nonetheless.

So you'll see, if you look to your right, I've started using some of the newer features that Blogger is rolling out - more specifically, now I can create subpages to the blog. I have gone ahead and have not just expanded the "About Me" section, but have also created a separate page for my PR and disclosure policy. I've been getting quite a few inquiries about doing PR; however, many of them are the basic press release and zip file; hopefully, making it clear that I'll follow the rules and creating a special Contact Me form via Google Docs should help make it much easier for me to be contacted, and more importantly - to contact people back.

I've also been - and need to be - more up front about my affiliate relationships. (See the PR & disclosure link above). There are a few ads and graphics around the site - nothing too blatant. Please feel free to click and order (or, if you click the PayPal link, make a small donation) - mostly, it's to defray domain/podcasting/other costs associated with running the blog.

Mike Sterling. With Power Rings.
(Speaking of which, next week's Zone 4 will be recorded at  Champion City Comic Con in Springfield, Ohio, and since I'll be here in Chicago, I obviously won't be part of the cast. But give it a listen  - I think you'll dig it. Also, check out the new Zone 4 web comic as well).

That's it, and until next time, I will continue to give you the kind of quality content you expect, and don't forget that Mission: Red is only a week and a half away. Order your tickets now!