September 30, 2011

Hail Stormageddon, The Dark Lord of All

(Another one of my semi-regular checking-in posts about life that entertains one of my fellow bloggers). 

One of the challenges of living - and working - the freelance lifestyle is getting used to thinking in terms of blocks of time and availability. It's easy to get stuck in the 9 to 5 mentality; however, thanks to my ability to rise early, I actually manage to get quite a bit done before 10 am.

(Actually, that and coffee, if I'm fully honest with you)

But now that I'm working a freelance gig some nights and weekends, it takes some of the edge off...and I have one or two other clients that have kept me busy (and that, in one case, will be invoiced for payment). It's juggling quite a bit of stuff, but it's proving to be fruitful. (Especially since I rescheduled a training I had planned for small business and non-profits in social media - it's on 10/26, and you're more than welcome to sign up)

Some potential good news - this past Sunday saw me meet about a possible second online broadcasting gig. Won't really talk about it - still figuring out the fine details - but until then, please feel free to like the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup Facebook page; it's kind of my way to keep people connected and share all things Time Lord.

Of course, one of the more ironic things that happened after recording this week's Zone 4 podcast was that this item came out in the news. But enough procrastination - let my good pal Brant lay down the what for: 

Of course, this week's theme would simply have to be "stumbling into entrepreneurship", wouldn't it?.....