September 22, 2011

I Know Cool People: A Call To Action

No cute graphic, no wacky headline, just want to ask my readership a small favor:

My really cool Twitter pal Jessica is participating in a walk to benefit suicide prevention this weekend. It's not an easy subject to deal with, admittedly, and she hasn't asked me to do this...but I was wondering if you, like me, would be willing to sponsor her.

She's not asking for much, and you can give what you can, but think of this as a way for me to help someone out...and for all of us to bring a little positivity to the Net. Especially in light of the whole "new 52" thing that's happening.

(Plus, since a lot of people are giving up Facebook and/or Netflix, here's a chance to spend some of that discretionary income).

Jessica's got a DonorDrive site set up; please feel free to click and donate what you can.

And as always, thanks for the privilege of allowing me this platform.

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