October 4, 2011

My Next Step In Becoming a Doctor Who Icon

One of these people had a prominent photo in my
locker in high school. The other is Frasier Hines.

It's finally good to be able to formally "announce" this piece of news ' I held back not out of a lack of pride, but I wanted to announce it in a manner that, well, didn't interfere with any of the other stuff on the blog. Yes, it's that important.

Starting this Sunday, October 9th, I'll be adding another item to my portfolio of media, and helping expand the Zone 4 podcast empire. At 1:00 pm CST, I will be co-hosting the new, revamped Whoverse internet radio show, where we're going to talk about Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, and various other spin-offs....with the exception of K-9, because that would be lame.

My partner and I will be broadcasting under aliases....and mine will be very Who-appropriate (but won't be Brigadier, thankfully). Think of our show as like Podshock, but with charm and charisma. (Or like a slightly snarkier version of Radio Free Skaro). We're hoping to cover the gamut, and will (hopefully) have some cool stuff to share.

(I'll be broadcasting "remote", since I'll be working that day. However, rest assured that I'll be working with my partner in crime, and that together, we will engage on a reign of terror not known since the late JNT era).

If you would like to listen, it's very simple - on Sundays at 1:00 pm, head to http://www.wgtrmedia.com/listen-live.html. Just click on the appropriate link, put on some headphones, and sit back and enjoy!

And yes, I will be attending Chicago TARDIS - hopefully, my influx of freelance work will at least help me find appropriate transportation to get there.

All in all, great stuff. I'm stoked.