December 9, 2011

Boldly Blogging This Week

If it's Friday, it means only one thing: another obligatory shout-out for this week's Zone 4 episode, where after two weeks of rest, relaxation, and peace, I return to wacky shenanigans with Brant and Ron. You also want to start checking out "Transmissions from Zone 4" Tuesday nights at 7 pm CST on

(Whoverse is taking a little break. Will let you know when the next episode is happening).

In addition, there are not one, but two new Job Stalker posts (mostly because I'm unsure if I blogged this last week).

Freelancing's keeping me busy, Mom's doing OK, recovering from her pre-Thanksgiving fall. Planning trip to St. Louis in mid-February, with other plans (which are cool) to be followed up on.

More to come - have a great weekend!

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