December 23, 2011

Pre-Holiday Craziness and ReGifting

It's Logan, Jedi Accountant
(I never tire of that joke)
First, yes, I know, I've been neglecting the blog - Mom had to enter the hospital a few days ago (hopefully, it should be just another basic checkup). After the trauma of last year (where I basically lived between Thanksgiving and Christmas in a blur), I'm hoping that things clear up.

(And to my Chicago pals - for those of you who've invited me to shindigs in the past year, thanks. Stuff like that helps me deal with things like this.)

But in the spirit of regifting, let me provide you a link to a mix from my now neglected podcast (especially since I'm part of the award-winning Zone 4 podcast through Comic Related.) If I can humbly submit, it is probably the best mix of tunes I have ever created.

My holiday plans will be to spend Christmas Eve and Day with Mom (either when she gets home or in the hospital); drive up to visit my father's side of the family on the 28th, and drive out to Indiana to visit Logan (my godson) on the 29th. Thankfully, I'll have time for blogging, finishing up some freelance projects, and do some planning for 2012. 

Have autoposts for the next few days, so talk to you after the 25th.

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