February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Day Gift...for You

Has nothing to do with post -
Just wanted something to grab
your attention
Let me just say this right now - I hate Valentine's Day.

Too many disappointments and breakups which happened on or around this day. The fake sentimentality that for one day, you will or have the perfect partner (rather than, say, being a decent human being to those you wish to have as a romantic partner the other 364 days of the year). Yes, I hate this holiday, and like pal Andy Martello, will wait a month for that other, more appropriate holiday.

But since many of my blog's readers deserve some extra attention, here's a piece I originally did for Transmissions from Zone 4, the online radio version of my current podcasting home. Although that radio show is no more, I had recorded a piece for today that (sadly) wasn't used, and destined for future deletion....until now.

For one day only, you can give it a listen by downloading it from this page. (Sorry, Roger, no online player for you this time). I provide a similar explanation for the purpose of this solo podcast (has it really been only a year?), but I think you'll agree - it's a great, revealing piece about my first love.

And it's also very entertaining and mercifully short. So while you're enjoying Valentine's Day, I'm going to discuss web analytics and non-profits, because that's how I roll.

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