March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

One of these men is the height of awesomeness;
the other is Robert Conrad

My friends, today marks a significant milestone in my life.

I get a year older.

But given that I'll receive a plethora of well-meaning Facebook messages which say, "I'm too busy to actually talk to you in person", here's a great way for my online pals (and even Chicago-based readers) to celebrate.

I'm planning to be at Fado Irish Pub, located at Grand and Clark, about 6:00 pm. Please feel free to join me for celebration, good times, and general mirth making.

(And if you want to bring presents, that's OK, too).

And why the Wild Wild West screencap? Because not only is "Artemus Gordon" the greatest character name ever, but these guys knew how to kick back and have a good time while fighting diabolical, power-mad villains in the old west.

Hope to see you tonight!

(Screencap courtesy The Wild Wild West Season 2 episode, "The Night of the Ready Made Corpse". You can find it on You Tube via searching. Seriously. Watch it)

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