March 19, 2012

Help A Blogger Out!

Received an e-mail earlier this morning, and thought that rather than write another long-winded post, I would write a short, succinct call to action to help a fellow blogger out.

I don't know Tony Collett personally (actually, I think I may have "met" him through another blogger), but he's been really good about linking to my blog in the past. He writes Mah Two Cents, where he does little capsule reviews, talks about some personal issues, and sometimes, the occasional post-that-leads-to-money writing.

Much like my godson Logan, he's from Indiana (which does Illinois a favor in that it shields us from Ohio), and he's a pretty cool guy (based on his writing).  He's been good to me in the past - I'd like to return the favor.

Be sure to read his blog at, and subscribe to his RSS feed. I think you'll dig his work.

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