April 12, 2012

I Know Cool People: Michael Moreci (Kickstarter Edition)

One of the cool things about living in Chicago is that there's a great, thriving little indie comics creating community...which I'm learning about more every day.

But thankfully, it means I get to meet people like Michael Moreci - I actually met him, if memory serves, through Chicago Net Tuesday, but really have appreciated the fact that we tend to interact more in the comics field than the non-profit field.

Michael has a great project he's looking to fund via Kickstarter called Reincar(Nate). But I think I'll let Michael speak the project himself:

They've had some success, but have some further work to go to get this project off the ground. Here's the link to the Kickstarter campaign: please consider supporting it. (Even if all you do is post the link via Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus). You'll be helping support a great indie comic creator, but more importantly, you'll be supporting a thriving scene.

Thanks for your support.

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