May 21, 2012

Another Joe Quesada Brouhaha

I would like to publicly thank Joe Quesada.

Unfortunately, I have been feeling a little creatively spent with the blog - no ideas about potential posts were forthcoming, not even a simple place-a-photo-and-make-up-something wacky.

But then, Joe Quesada of Marvel Comics - who once proclaimed that "magic doesn't need explanations", and who inexplicably keeps hiring Mark Millar to write....spoke out about female Marvel characters and the movies.

And he confirmed my faith that, just when you think the two major comic companies can't do worse, they actually set the bar lower. Far lower.

Now, I'm not going to reiterate my comments about Ms. Johannsen's performance in The Avengers, but I think Quesada totally misses the point.

It's not about "iconic"'s about taking the very material you have, taking one of the possibly underutilized characters, and possibly building a movie around that.

It's about finding an actress who can play the role, a director who can make a pretty darn good film, and investing the time and effort in crafting a good script, putting a great crew together, and making a solid movie.

It's not that hard, Joe. You've done it before - heck, some would argue that Marvel's past few movies have shown that you can do it. Because saying you don't have any "iconic" female characters - and denying that there are any good female actresses to play them - have a slightly patronizing tone to them.

I'm not judging, I'm not accusing, I'm just saying....Joe, you can try harder. Seriously. We have the faith you can surprise us like you did with The Avengers.

Or at the very least, with your recent comments.

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