May 6, 2012

Continuing Post-AVENGERS Withdrawal

You're probably wondering....why didn't I post my usual Friday Zone 4 promo and general long-form summary of links from this past week?

Well, I went to a midnight showing of Avengers...and spent most of Friday semi-conscious. Sadly, sleep deprivation and caffeine can really hit a guy hard. (And you'll probably be reading it in Comic Related soon, but short opinion - loved the movie.

Speaking of Comic Related, this week's episode of Zone 4 features young Eric Ratcliffe, who has featured me on his Why I Love Comics podcast in the past. He's a good kid, and well worth listening to....even if he does enjoy the work of Joss Whedon a little too much.

On the work/writing front: my primary freelance gig has ended temporarily, pending further funding (and thankfully, I've been helping with the grant research). In addition, I'm working on a small project for another potential client which fits in very well with my professional interests (and would have been a great follow-up project when I was living in St. Louis). Enjoyed a great dinner last week with a pal who flew in from St. Louis. Other than that, I will need to get back on the job search/freelance train, including networking (and in Job Stalker, I explain why we're networking wrong) and investigating training possibilities. On the networking front, between Monday's Latte of Rassilon (thanks, Geek Girl Chicago, for the mention!) and Tuesday's Net2Chi meeting, I should be covered.

A very special thank-you to Ron Fortier, who took a recent post from Baker Street Blog and featured it his Pulp Fiction Reviews blog.

So until next time, folks - have tons of fun. Seriously.

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