May 3, 2012

Help A Comic Get Published

As everyone knows, I've been expanding my writing parameters and have been working on a short, seven page story for the collected Zone 4 webcomic, to be published (hopefully) in the late summer/early fall. However, given that several of my pals are very highly connected, I'm hoping that I can receive some guidance and insight from you, the readers of this fine blog.

I need to put together an art team for this story, which is kind of like Firefly as written and performed by the Marx Brothers.This would be a full-color comic which would be available for purchase online (and could be purchased at cost by participants for signings, portfolio, etc).

Bad news - this is not a paid gig. The only concrete rewards I can offer is that this book will be made available via IndyPlanet. However, I believe in paying it forward, and would love to see what I can put together. (I've submitted a post via Digital Webbing, and have gotten some nibbles, but nothing major).

So what am I looking for? Here goes:

  • Penciller/Artist - someone who can draw in a cartoon/slightly anime style (this is a comedy - with some science fiction and Western elements. Let that be your guide). I can provide samples of character design to make it easier.
  • Inker - someone with a deft touch who can bring out the best in any artist
  • Letterer - my Zone 4 cohort Brant Fowler will be handling the lettering. He does really good work.
  • Colorist - yes, this is going to be a full color book, but I would love to work with someone who can bring nuance to colors, and has a strong vibrant approach
So if you can, I'm asking if you know anyone who can perform any of the above tasks, who has talent and is looking for an opportunity for exposure and publication, please have them drop me a line. The only thing I will promise is to give them a fair shake. (Trust me, this script is a pretty fun piece of work. You'll laugh out loud.)

Thanks, and looking forward to all your assistance.

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