July 10, 2012

An Open Letter About "Going Viral"

Just wanting to get a little bit of a pet peeve off my chest....

As I'm freelancing/researching opportunities, I've been reading quite a bit of articles about social media. In fact, I'm reading a lot more about how to make items go "viral".

Those who are writing those articles need to stop it. Right now. Seriously.

I understand that it is important to get the word out, but you might want to heed The Oatmeal's take on this subject. Matthew Inman might not be a "social media guru"....but he is a great cartoonist. So great, in fact, I wish I had a ton of money I could drop on his front porch so he could make more magic.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some comic stories to write and pulp stories to proofread. My comic stories involve Victorian-era detectives, time traveling adventurers, and a sleuthing social worker.

And possibly, pandas on mopeds. 

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