August 7, 2012

August Affiliate Mania Abounds!

Yes, this is going to be the kind of post where I come short of begging for some help.

Since I'm currently freelancing/doing short-term jobs for an income, that means less money to spend on the blog. Most of my blog expenses consist of domain registration and a libsyn account (which, without going into details....yes, there will be a new podcast shortly. I'm in talks).

Part of the way I try to acquire some extra funds is through affiliate links - people order things, and I get a slight financial kickback. So this month, I'm kicking off with a post with merchandising links for Archer, my current favorite animated show. If any of the items listed strike your fancy, click on the photo, order, and have fun. (You can also click any of the images below or the "Support the blog" links on the right sidebar - I try to keep this blog relatively ad-free). Plus, you'll be helping out a sick kitty as well (thyroid and old age issues). Thanks for the indulgence!

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