August 27, 2012


I really love it when a company reaches out to me, asks for a review, and sends me free books. There's something about a company's willingness to do it the old fashioned way - to say, "Here were are, please let us know what you think about our work" that is refreshing in the hype-laden world of comics.

Especially since the book in question - Double Jumpers, put out by Action Lab Comics - is simply a gem of a comic. Think of it as an intersection of The Guild and Big.

Even that is something of a misstatement - the premise is simple: four characters end up exchanging their "essences" with four characters from a video game. But David Dwonch's script is much more complex than that, juggling several intriguing concepts (like this taking place during the launch of an experimental video game) that provide a little more heft to the premise. In addition, parents take note: there's plenty of off-color humor and language (this is a "Mature Audiences Book"), but it never comes across as crass or inappropriate. The plot moves along at a good clip (I've already read issues 1 and 2, and don't feel as if I'm being rushed through the story, nor am I waiting for something to happen), and Dwonch has a definite gift for dialogue, which at times simply sparkles.

And the art on this book? Great - Bill Blankenship does a really good job of straddling both the real world and the "fantasy" world of the computer game. The art takes on a humorous tone without looking too cartoony, and there's a great sense of storytelling and pacing. Blankenship's art is a pleasure to look at, and quite honestly, works very well with Dwonch's script.

This, quite simply, is one of the most fun books out there, and is a definite must-read.

Double Jumpers is a four-issue limited series, and is available for via Action Lab Comics. Trust me - this is a book that needs to be on your radar.

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