September 21, 2012

Help The Chicago Doctor Who Meetup Group

Now, you're probably wondering where I've been the past few days - in short, I've been busy interviewing for some positions; catching up on freelance work; doing some writing projects; and making sure the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup group is running smoothly.

And I'm asking my pals for a little help in that regard.

We're hosted on, and our hosting bill is up for renewal in late October. (We're on a six month plan). In that spirit, rather than just blatantly beg for money, and since this isn't quite a Kickstarter project, I've put together a cool little fundraising screening, and I'm asking my online pals to help spread the word.

On Saturday morning, October 6th, the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup Group is putting on Coffee With Sarah Jane, a special Saturday morning screening at ING Direct Cafe's Orange Ball. We'll be viewing the following episodes:

School Reunion - The Tenth Doctor, Rose, and Mickey investigate strange disappearances at an exclusive school. However, when they encounter Sarah Jane, one of the TARDIS team isn't too pleased, and sparks begin
to fly....
Pyramids of Mars - The Fourth Doctor and Sarah trail a malevolent force back to an old home in 1918. There, they encounter robot mummies, a pyramid-shaped rocket, and a malevolent Egyptian god seeking revenge...

It's only two (2) whole dollars to get in....and yes, it can be quite a bit in today's economy, but you'll be helping out a group that's not only being revived, but starting to become very active. (Just look at the stats from our last screening).

Also, if you can't make it (or are out of town), you can always click on "Suggested Donation" to help support our group.

So please, if you're a Chicago Who fan, you're more than welcome to join us...and please support what's becoming a really active group.

(Don't worry - my usual blog summary will be up and posted tomorrow afternoon. I promise).

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