September 10, 2012

On the Eve of September 11th....

...I would like to make one simple, and humble request. Many of you who are Facebook friends with me - and who may not be friends with me, but are on Facebook - are engaging in a habit which is destructive, counterproductive, and just plain obnoxious.

I'm talking, of course, about the posting of political cartoons which basically serve to demonize and insult the opposing side.

Yes, both liberals and conservatives are engaging in this behavior, and quite frankly, it's annoying.

(Not as annoying as people who post things which suggest a message of, "I am who I am, so kiss an unmentionable part of my body", but I'll lump them in for sake of argument).

Unfortunately, this phenomenon has meant that I've had to essentially remove people from my news feed - not because I agree or disagree with them, but quite honestly, I just don't care.

Yes, we have a major election coming up. Yes, it's important to vote...but where was your civic duty the past three years?

I am ranting a little bit, and I can tell you - I've stopped doing that very thing. Not because I'm taking the moral high ground...but quite honestly, this election deserves honest debate, not gushing over the President's organic garden or Romney's sharply pressed white shirts.

Let's take the high road, people - politics is too important to post on Facebook. You'll have your chance in November to state your the voting booth, where it belongs.

And now, back to your regular blog experience.

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