October 20, 2012

Battier Than Batman

If my week had a theme, it would be "battier than Batman."

Not in a negative way - several of my freelance assignments/projects were brought to completion, and final invoices were sent. Of course, once that final one was e-mailed....I received calls for three different interviews.

Go figure.

Ironically, this was also the week when I wrote my final guest post for Job Stalker. Part of my decision was informed by the fact that I'm now running another Chicago Now blog (and which was featured as part of Blog Action Day); more importantly, I was so focused on writing that I was starting to forget that it's best done in balance with other activities. (A recent health scare with Mom confirmed this belief). I'm grateful for the opportunity to write about the search, and although it continues, I'm in a much better position....and more importantly, have better search results.

And as part of my Comic Related work - I have a new column up and running (don't know if I linked to it before), and here's the latest episode of Zone 4. Sometimes, it pays to have a great set of friends....it helps even out some of the unintended drama of normal life.

Finally, a very special thank you to Scott at Mist's Detectives for the opportunity to review his fine books. Go and read them; you'll thank me later.

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