October 7, 2012


One of the great advantages of co-hosting the Zone 4 podcast for Comic Related is that I hear about a great number of unique comics....and have the opportunity to review them.

In the spirit of last week's post about Earthbound Dossier, here's another great, free comic that....well, is fun for the whole family.

The comic is Mid-Night Detectives (which will become Mist's Detectives with issue 3), written by Scott Coons and illustrated by Idris Yusuf).

The premise is rather simple and clever, involving a variety of pets and a nice cops-and-robbers motif. Several animals decide that they're going to steal from their owners; several others (including a panda named P.I.) are going to become detectives on the side of right. From there, adventures ensue....

And that's what makes issues one and two work - it's simple and easy enough for kids to read, but parents will feel just as comfortable taking a glance. The story isn't oversimplified, and characters have...well, character. In addition, I really enjoy Yusuf's art - it has a slightly cartoony quality, but manages to connote a variety of moods and traits. (Issue one is in color, issue two is in black and white - personally, I think Yusuf's art works best in the latter, especially since he's self-inked).

Granted, this isn't my usual style of book, but that's a good thing - sometimes, I need to broaden my palate, and this is a really enjoyable book that I can heartily recommend. Both issues one and two are available for free download (as PDF) via Drive-Thru Comics; consider this a great way to sample before purchasing issue # 3.

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