October 23, 2012

Post #1900: Why I (Continue To) Blog

Recently, I found myself reading a blog entry from pal Chuck, who describes some of his thoughts and feelings about blogging and writing. As a result, it started me on a slightly more introspective line of thought, wondering why I continue to blog as well.

Ironically, I'm doing much more writing now than I have since I started this blog - I'm blogging about social good and tech for Chicago Now, as well as the occasional guest piece and my monthly column for Comic Related. (I'm also starting to do some blogging-for-hire consisting of article summaries and links). But with everything else going on, the question still arises....why do I continue to blog?

On the more cynical, practical side - it's great for SEO and establishing me as a "subject matter expert". On the more humanistic side....that's a little bit more complicated.

We all have our passions - those aspects of modern life that we feel need to be heard. We live in a time when expressing opinion has become as simple as hitting a few letters on our keyboard and hitting "enter". In short, we've come to a point where we don't express opinions....we express sticky notes and note cards.

The ability to actually articulate an argument is becoming a lost art, and the willingness to look critically at life - even the things we love and hold hear - is diminishing. In a world increasingly driven by a cult of personality, slowly but surely we are being reduced to one of two choices: either play the game and become a "celebrity" of some status....or assert ourselves in a way that fosters conversation and examination.

I don't claim to have any special power or influence, but quite honestly - I think I bring a unique voice. I like engaging in debate and discussion - it's not being a "hater" (to use current slang) or denying "something that brings others joy". It's actually trying to discover what it is that brings others joy. It's about hearing the perspectives of others, and having our own perspectives confirmed....or even better, broadening our perspectives to see a much wider, more diverse experience.

And that's why I blog - because in my own experiences, even if it's just a comic or a movie, I think I can bring a little something to the table...and gain much in return. But most importantly, I think we need to be heard....and hear each other.

End of slightly philosophical post...more shenanigans tomorrow.

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