November 30, 2012

As NaBloPoMo Ends, Let the Holidays Begin

First, a gentle thank you to you, gentle reader, for following this blog in my attempts to engage in NaBloPoMo (or "National Blog Posting Month) throughout November. So in an effort to end this month on a positive note, I wanted to reaffirm a steady mission - one that I hope can help heal our national wounds.

As many of you know, in an effort to promote the blog - and create a more general sense of acceptance for people everywhere - I've attempted to advocate that for people who are unsure how to celebrate December 25th (or who want to avoid the crass commercialism of the other holidays around that time), that we consider adopting new, non-sectarian holidays.

So once again, I am proposing that 2012, despite any fears of the Mayan apocalypse, that we all join together to celebrate the birth of not one, but two pop culture icons on December 25th.

That's right - I'm encouraging you to tweet, post, and forward this post encouraging people to celebrate Serling Day and/or Bogie Day.

(That's right - neither one is exclusive. Just ask blogging pal Roger).

Why am I doing this? It's not to repeat an often repeated joke on this blog (although yes, that is a good reason) - it's to promote the idea that sometimes, we forget the things that are of most value. Things like imagination, humor, style, and a willingness to play the tough guy.

So please - let's join together to make Serling Day and Bogie Day an informal - but shared - day of celebration.

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