November 3, 2012

Brewing Up A Pretty Busy Week

This has been kind of a busy week - I'm gearing up for some volunteer projects (including two that are very close to my heart), and had to shift my schedule around (personal obligations - at some point, will disclose publicly), but all in all, this is going to be one busy week....after a particularly not-so-busy week.

Obviously, there's a new Zone 4 episode up and running - I'll be blogging tomorrow about some recent news, but I think this episode helps nail my feelings and opinions on the head. It's always well worth a listen.

And if you happen to be in town on Monday, please check out Chicago Nerd Social Club's Marvel Vs. DC debate - get your free tickets here.

Hopefully, this weekend should be low key, except for possibly an excursion for karaoke and pancakes.

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