March 18, 2013

Update: The HIRE ME, PAL! Initiative

I thought it was the craziest idea I ever had - create a social media campaign to not only sharpen my marketing skills, but also engage networks online. After all, if I could hear of how others received fame and fortune through social media, I could receive....a modicum of attention.

Simple, really - encourage people to share the link (or my Linked In profile) on social media (using the #hiremepal hashtag on Twitter), and those who did would receive a free PDF e-book. (If you've done so and I've missed it, just leave a comment below). Although I haven't seen much traction (after all, it's been active for less than a month), I have had one interview, and a plethora of leads that I am pursuing....but I also have some observations and conclusions:

  • For my non-profit minded friends; when I network and ask for contacts, please don't just send me's job listings. I am well aware of them; what I'm looking for is to reach out to decision makers so that I can get the inside track. 
  • Roger once asked why I wasn't hired yet - and sadly, many employers are choosing to delay new hires for a variety of reasons.
  • Just a note - if you run a networking event, and you continually brag about the number of attendees over a certain amount (say, 100), you've just crossed the line to becoming a cocktail party. Nothing wrong with that, but as someone with limited resources, I'm looking to make connections, not meet a two drink minimum.
  • Personal highlight: a recruiter reached out to me for a position in the northwest surburbs. I ask if it is accessible by Metra or Pace (i.e., public transportation). Via e-mail, I'm told "No, but would you be willing to purchase a car for a full-time job"? I'm not sure if this question is legal (the job involved no travel, and was strictly a 9 to 5 desk job) - any thoughts?
  • For those who would state that "Finding a Job Is a Full-Time Job"....I broke down my efforts, and I'm spending 25 - 30 hours finding leads, following up, applying (including customizing my resume) networking and interviewing. Besides, I would rather place my efforts where they're needed than mindlessly spraying the Internet with resumes.
  • For my local (and not quite local) pals who've sent me leads and opportunities - thanks. You have my eternal gratitude and I promise, once I'm employed, I will purchase for you the beverage of your choice. 
  • By the way, I'm also available for freelance. For a career overview, you can visit
  • Also, I do have some potential cool projects that I am waiting on, and I can't talk about them privately. Mostly because they're very tentative, but if they work out....who knows? But I'm keeping active in the meantime.
So I'm still in it to win it, and I'm seeking both freelance and full-time (would prefer the latter, but the former's nice). I'm looking for a social media position, preferably in non-profits and/or the comics and/or popular culture field. So please feel free to spread the word - simply write/podcast/blog/Tweet/engage online around, and you'll get my eternal thanks, a free ebook....and the fact that you helped someone who is in their hour of need. 

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