April 2, 2013

Comedy Tonight (Two Weeks From Today)

Yes, I know I've been away from the blog awhile...and you'll have the opportunity to bug me about it in person!

As many of you know, I blog about tech and the social good for Chicago Now. Occasionally, we have regular "Blatherings" - get togethers that allow us to have a good time, network, and have fun.

At our next Blathering - April 16th - we'll be gathering at the Laugh Factory, located at 3175 N Broadway, near Belmont and Broadway. Starting at 7:30, we'll be putting on a stand-up comedy show, where each blogger gets up for three minutes and attempts to make the audience laugh. (Doors open at 6:00 pm)

And for that night, I'll be returning to my roots of almost 20 years ago, hanging with Andy Martello at a coffee shop, doing open mike comedy. Unlike 20 years ago, Andy won't be there (he's living in Vegas, and is more than likely on the road as I write this), and I'll actually be funny.

Who knows what will happen - I might stammer. I might be the opening act, or the closing act. You might hear about my lack of love life, or politics, or other wacky shenanigans. And yes, I'll figure out a way to record this for the Zone 4 podcast.

But here's a chance for you to enjoy a great night out, say "hello", and - most importantly - have a laugh. Because that should always be a priority.

Remember - April 16th. Laugh Factory. 7:30 pm.

Be there.

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