July 26, 2013

This Week's Shenaniganisms....

Zone 4 Podcast
That's right - unlike the guy with my old domain, here are some new, unique, non commercial-type posts focusing on my online activities. (Thankfully, I had an explosion of potential job opportunities, so I've been busy focusing on those rather than...well, goofing off)

First, there's the latest episode of Zone 4, in which we discuss news coming out of San Diego. And if so inclined, please like us on Facebook - we'll not only shout you out, it will give us something more meaningful to talk about.

(And to answer your question - no Wizard World this year. Not due to cost, but if I want to visit a pop culture flea market laced with testosterone, I'll just head to the burbs.)

On a slightly different note, I was recently quoted in this article on Doctor Who fan music. Always good to help out a great show...

...and finally, via Chicago Now, some tips on professional networking. Now that I'm back into the swing of things, it's good to be able to share some hard-earned advice.

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