August 24, 2013

Gradually Approaching Normal

Right now, my life seems to be moving into a higher gear...and gradually approaching something resembling "normal".

I've seen a slight uptick in job interviews and positive responses - most of the interviews are phone interviews, and the response time is shortening between resume submission and time scheduled. (It's also a nice change to not have minimal response...then get chastised when I follow up). That, plus an editing project for Airship 27 (I'll let you guys know when it's available for sale) has kept me a bit busy.

One side-effect is that, right now, I'm missing Dax, who passed three months ago. It's not the overwhelming grief of losing her, or even a pang of wanting to adopt again to fill the void (collecting cats the way that some of my friends collect spouses) - it's that I want her back, as if she were merely lost and left outside rather than no longer amongst the living. Grief is tricky, and I'm handling it well....but when it comes to another kitty, it's going to be awhile.

You definitely want to check out this week's edition of Zone 4 (as well as a previous edition which received a spotlight this week), as well as another post in One Cause At A Time.

Have plenty to work towards in the next few days - finishing draft one of a story due in October; prepping for a November convention; and general networking/job search activities. But all in all, starting to feel a little more human....and that's a good thing.

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