December 31, 2013

5 Things I'm Planning To Do New Year's Day

Yes, tomorrow is the beginning of a whole new year, and I'm prepping for New Year's Eve festivities tonight after two years of inactivity. (To be honest - one year involved wading in self-pity, the other was due to falling asleep early). So in that spirit, to close out the blog for 2013, here are my plans to spend tomorrow (other than sleep and possibly shovel snow):
  1. Marx Brothers Marathon - In my younger days, I would stay up to catch the odd showing of a Marx Brothers film on local television. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology - and ownership of all of the Marx's films - I'll be spending the day laughing and enjoying myself.
  2. Writing and editing - I have one story that I am writing due in February, the other I will be copyediting for publication. In addition, I may also receive news of other stories that need to be taken care of. My writing career will be off to a pretty interesting start.
  3. Job Seeking and Freelance Work - I am doing contract social media work for a site looking to match home builders and home buyers (Drop me a line privately if you want more information); since this is only part time, I'll also be spending some time looking for other work. (My Linked In profile isn't going to update itself, you know.
  4. Catch Up on Reading - this will be how I spend my morning, since I have a nice pile of magazines, review copies, and assorted other material to catch up with, and finally....
  5. Relax With a Full Pot of Coffee - this is how I usually begin each day; sitting quietly and meditating while sipping a nice, hot cup of java. Home brewed.
So in other words, much of my New Year's Day will be any other day. But the important part is that, well, the New Year is going to bring plenty of new, unique opportunities and experiences.

Have a post up for automatic posting tomorrow, and will definitely see you next year!

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