February 17, 2014

Surviving Snowmageddon: Update

Yes, still struggling with the off-and-on winter.

(Snarky comment - geez, I have had relationships that were less dramatic).

But to fill you in - finishing a short story for publication this summer. Impending deadline means writing, editing, & submission with further revisions.

Part time freelance gig is OK, but still continuing to find other work. (Know someone who's hiring? Send 'em my Linked In profile)

I've also been going out on dates via Project Fixup - nothing too dramatic, but let me just say....Hoo, boy, I need to dust off my mojo. Seriously.

But if you sent me a complimentary comic/book/other item for review - I'm getting to it. Honest. I've been reading up a storm; tonight will be hacking away at the keyboard.

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