March 8, 2014

How to Effectively Leverage Post-Birthday Blogging Time

Ironically, all of these accounts
are spambots. Talk about
pots & kettles
As you may have noticed, I've been a bit negligent in my blogging activities....but I have some perfectly good excuses.
  • I was finishing up a draft story for a compilation to be published this summer. Thankfully, I've learned my lesson in terms of learning how to better manage my time.
  • This past Thursday, I had a birthday. However, most of the time was spent dealing with someone who....well, let me put it this way: between an Internet sock puppet making comments on another forum (which meant me making a screencap of the comment and needing to block that person), a spam attack, and some rude e-mail comments threatening legal action, I was kept busy because...well, I expressed an opinion.
  • Freelance work is going OK, but also focusing on getting more contract work, as well as regular business stuff. So yes, I've been busy. 
So my apologies to you, dear reader, for my absence....I'll be writing a ton tonight and tomorrow, but until then....with apologies to Ion Television, some episodes of Leverage for your viewing pleasure.

And thanks for your patience and interest.

(Edit - since the original illegally-posted YouTube videos were taken down - and to generate some revenue for the blog - why not purchase LEVERAGE on DVD? You can get a complete run of the series for just a little under $100. Enjoy!)

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